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Happy Valley Uganda’s purpose is to have the Enrichment Program (EP) and Happy Valley Academy (HVA) work in a complementary way. The Enrichment Program, located in Nyaruhanga, Uganda, prepares its students for admission into secondary school which can only happen by passing the primary leaving exam (PLE). The students graduate from the EP after passing the PLE and matriculate into secondary school. The graduates of the EP will be offered a spot at Happy Valley Academy.   

Happy Valley Academy is being established as a non-profit, co-educational Christian secondary school that will enable the youth of western Uganda to fully develop their social, emotional, and intellectual potential. HVA will provide a six-year, tuition-free secondary education to young adults, with the goal of getting them admitted to a university or specialized vocational training of their choice. HVA is located in Rubanda District, Uganda.

To realize this, HVU is setting up the academy to accept it’s first class in January 2024 which will be located about 1 km from the Enrichment Program. The academy will launch one class at a time and enroll an additional class each year until maximum capacity is reached. The Happy Valley Academy will maintain a rigorous curriculum, to include history, math, physics, English literature, biology, chemistry, and Bible study.

Quality secondary school education is indispensable in creating a bright future for Ugandan children. We believe that establishing the Happy Valley Academy will immediately impact our students for the better. HVU will give rural Ugandans an opportunity to develop the intellectual abilities that they require to succeed in a knowledge-based economy and to become advocates for positive social change.